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Byron Bay Bluesfest

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions for buyers.

  • How does Tizzet work for buyers?

    Tizzet is an online marketplace that enables you to safely buy tickets to concert, sports, theatre and other live performance events.

  • What events are available on Tizzet?

    Fans can buy and sell tickets to any concert, festival, sport, theatre or other live entertainment. Most of our tickets are sold directly by fans, and some by event promoters through our site.

  • Where do these tickets come from?

    Tickets are put up for sale by fans that no longer need them. We all know that sometimes you need to buy tickets to events anywhere from 6 to 9 months in advance of the performance. This can make it tricky to know if you will definitely be available to attend. Got work commitments, family commitments, that cousin you don’t really like but have to attend their wedding anyway - you get the drift!

  • Does Tizzet buy and sell tickets itself?

    No we don't. We provide a safe and secure marketplace for fans to buy the tickets they want or no longer need.

  • Does Tizzet have any affiliation with ticketing agencies?

    No we don’t. We've set up Tizzet for fans to sell tickets to other fans. Therefore we have a huge selection of tickets that otherwise might only be available from specific ticket agents. In the near future we will be announcing strategic partnerships with some official partners.

  • Why are some tickets priced above their original face value?

    People can sell tickets on Tizzet at any price they like, whether that be above face value, equal to face value or below face value.

  • I want to know the exact seat numbers, how come I can't see them?

    For security reasons and to protect the anonymity of sellers we don’t display the exact seat numbers, but we do show you the block and row you will be sitting in.

  • Will the seats I buy be seated together?

    Yes they will. Tickets sold on Tizzet must be seated together. If you ever have a problem, contact us and we'll fix it for you straight away or refund your money.

  • Who pays for postage to ship the tickets?

    The seller pays to send the tickets to you through Australia Post Registered Post, Express Post Platinum, or a shipping service such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS that offers tracking of shipments. These delivery methods require the buyers signature, and provides a way for Tizzet to verify that the tickets have been shipped and to track the progress of shipping. It’s just another way that makes Tizzet Australia’s safest and most secure way to buy and sell tickets.

  • When will my tickets be delivered?

    Tickets will be delivered to you within 4 to 7 business days of placing your order. If you have not received your tickets please contact us at and we will track your shipment for you.

    What is a ticket exchange?

    Tizzet is Australia's guaranteed ticket exchange where music fans can buy and sell tickets between one another. For a full explanation see our ticket exchange page.

Questions for sellers.

  • Is there are charge for listing tickets?

    No. We don’t charge you to list tickets. You are only ever charged when your tickets actually sell.

  • What is Tizzet's commission and what does it cover?

    We charge a 10% commission when you sell your tickets. You are only charged when your tickets sell. There are no listing fees at Tizzet. Please remember that the 10% commission will be deducted from the sale of your tickets before you are paid. For example, if you list two tickets for sale at $50 each, that's a $100 sale. We will deduct our fee of $10, and send you the remaining $90.

  • How will I get paid?

    You can get paid through PayPal or by bank Direct Deposit. When you list your tickets we ask you how you would like to get paid.

  • When will I get paid?

    You will get paid 7 days after the event takes place.

  • Why do we wait until after the event to make payment to you?

    We pay all of our ticket sellers after the event takes place as part of our Ticket Guarantee. This ensures that ticket buyers receive the tickets they ordered, in time for the event, and have no problems gaining access to the event. By making payment to sellers after the event we remove any incentive for sellers to attempt to list or sell fake tickets through Tizzet, as they will never get paid, and affected buyers will receive a full refund covered by our Ticket Guarantee. We are focussed on delivering Australia’s safest way to buy and sell tickets between fans, and payment after the event makes Tizzet more secure for everyone.

  • Is it legal to resell tickets?

    Yes it is. The resale of tickets in Australia is legal. There are only two legal restrictions on the resale of tickets in Australia. In the state of Queensland, there are restrictions on the resale of tickets 10% above the face value in certain government declared venues. In Victoria, the government may ban the resale of declared major events, however this restriction typically only applies to the AFL Grand Final and other one-off international events such as the 2006 Commonwealth Games. We closely monitor all listings to ensure full compliance with these restrictions.

  • How much should I charge for my tickets?

    It's up to you. At Tizzet we believe in open and transparent markets. You can sell your tickets for the same amount you paid for them, or charge more or for less than you paid for them. If there are multiple listings for your event you may want to reduce the price of your tickets to get a quicker sale. Take a look at the current listings to get an idea of the prices currently being posted in our marketplace.

  • Can I change the asking price of my tickets?

    Yes. Simply log into the My Account section at Tizzet and you can change the asking price.

  • How long will my listing stay active for?

    There are no time limits on how long your tickets are listed for. We will remove your listing if it is within 5 weekdays of the event to ensure that there is enough time to have the tickets shipped to the buyer.

  • Can I list my tickets for sale on other websites at the same time?

    We strongly urge you not to list your tickets on any other site. Once your tickets sell you must provide them to the buyer as you have entered into a contract to provide the tickets.

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