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Roxette Tickets

Roxette tickets are now available for their Australian concert tour in February 2012. Having rocked Australia and the whole world during the 1990's, with hits including The Look, Joyride, It Must Have Been Love, and Listen To Your Heart we are all guilty of singing along to their tunes. 

You can relive all their number 1 hits during the Australian Tour in 2012, and don't be afraid to sing along to all their songs!

As the biggest musical export to leave Sweden since the mega-hit writing machine of ABBA, Roxette are celebrated in their homeland and especially in Australia where we can't get enough of Swedish music!

Roxette Concert Dates and Ticket Information

Brisbane, Entertainment Centre, 14 February 2012, 

Sydney, Sydney Entertainment Centre, 16 February 2012

Sydney, Sydney Entertainment Centre, 17 February 2012

Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena, 18 February 2012

Adelaide, Entertainment Centre, 20 February 2012

Perth, Challenge Stadium, 23 February 2012

Perth, Challenge Stadium, 24 February 2012

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